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Seduce Me Paperback webThe Erotic, Amusing, and Sensual New Adult Romance series readers are praising: “A must read series” . . . “I couldn’t put it down” . . . “I’m hooked and I’ll be you’ll be too!”

The Seduce Me Box Set is the complete Seduce Me series by E.J. Adams, including the prequel novella Before You Seduce Me.

It is the erotic, amusing, and sensual romance between recent college graduate Ashley Sullivan and alpha billionaire CEO Brandon Mitchell. After Ashley is seduced by Brandon, she is taken on a journey of sexual discovery that is filled with ecstasy and then heartache. Both Ashley and Brandon are tested in ways they could not have envisioned. Together, they must decide if they can build a soulful relationship of love and trust that equals the passion of their sexual intimacy. Only then will they know if they share a happily ever after.

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