Love in Aspen Cover Web 2Love in Aspen is a sweet romance novella (17,000 words)

The snow-covered town of Aspen can be magical in winter. Even romantic to those looking for love. What about those who can’t stand each other?

Ryan Wagner likes to play by his own set of rules, and he come across as an arrogant jerk. But beneath an obnoxious exterior is a caring man. It just takes the right woman to peel back the outer shell.Alyssa Hanson may be that woman, but her first impression of Ryan is not a good one. A rude and arrogant Ryan is on full display. To her dismay, Alyssa must organize Ryan’s charity ball as her first task as Assistant Manager at the Lusso Resort in Aspen.It is clear that Ryan is attracted to Alyssa. And, despite her first encounter with Ryan, she finds herself falling for him. Can Ryan allow Alyssa to see more of who he is? Will Alyssa take a chance on finding love in Aspen?