Don’t miss the sexy and shocking second installment of the Secret Desires series!



When Jessica Nichols takes a walk on the wild side with Dylan Grant, she experiences a sexual ecstasy beyond anything she thought possible. She also discovers there is a lot more to Dylan Grant than first meets the eye. For Dylan, it was supposed to be just another night of passionate sex. He never imagined that he could consider having anything more.

After a romantic getaway to Catalina Island, Jessica and Dylan find themselves in a very different place than what drove them to their first steamy encounter. They are falling for each other and both realize that a special relationship has begun.

Then Jessica meets a group of women who call themselves the Five Star Club. It is a silly name for their informal club, but what it represents is very serious. And their shocking news changes everything. The very foundation of Dylan and Jessica’s young relationship may crumble like the pieces of Jessica’s shattered heart.