Get the entertaining and steamy third installment in the Obsession series.


Blake Preston is rich, powerful, and handsome. He is also great in bed and sleeps with many Hollywood A-list actresses. As one of the most successful movie producers in the world, he always lands his leading lady.

Tatyna Kaminski is the talented and gorgeous darling of Broadway. She loves the stage and has no interest in being a movie star. Then Blake Preston comes calling. At first Tatyna believes she is immune to his charms, but Blake can be very convincing . . . and he wants her for more than his next movie.

A romantic dinner leads to a night of passion that neither will ever forget. But is it enough to lure Tatyna to Hollywood as Blake’s leading lady? While their budding relationship is filled with intense passion and promise, Tatyna must determine if Blake is all he appears to be and if he will deliver on Tatyna’s hopes for a happily ever after.