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 Contains the complete Flirting with Desire series: Flirting with Desire (Parts 1-5)

Flirting w Desire Paperback webJacob Webster is the sexiest billionaire in Seattle, with an insatiable appetite for beautiful women. He has his favorites, but no one woman can fully satisfy him. But he knows she must be out there . . . and he is determined to find her.

Samantha (Sam) Harper is not the most likely candidate to fulfill Jacob’s desire. The 24 year old businesswoman is almost singularly focused on keeping her advertising agency’s doors open. She also has a less than stellar track record with men. Sam would love to find the right guy, but it will have to wait. What she needs most is to land the one account that will keep her in business.

Opportunity comes knocking when Jacob invites Harper Advertising to submit a proposal for a new ad campaign. But there may be more to Jacob’s invitation than Sam realizes. And the thought of meeting Jacob has stirred Sam’s deepest desires and spurred her wildest fantasies. It is always tricky when mixing business and pleasure, but that is the risk that Jacob and Sam take when they flirt with desire.

Reader Praise for series: “Delightful, amazingly well written love story!” | “I recommend these awesome books.” | “Five Stars. Love it.”

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