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Secret Desires Part 1 web Dylan Grant stood and looked out at the Hollywood Hills. He grinned. Wealth, power, and sex. Not a bad way to go through life, he thought to himself. Dylan Grant likes what his billions affords him. He likes getting whatever he wants. And he wants more than coffee and typed memos from his newly hired Executive Assistant.

Jessica Nichols is rather innocent and ordinary compared to the women that Dylan is used to sleeping with. But Dylan finds himself attracted to her. Jessica’s appeal may be a mystery to him, but he is certain that he wants to seduce her. His timing may be perfect.

Jessica has recently moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start. It’s not like her to go for bad boys, but will she end up finding a naughty side in the City of Angels?

She can’t deny that Dylan Grant is handsome. Even alluring. Maybe it’s his seductive dark eyes or his chiseled features. Whatever it is, Jessica is drawn like a moth to a flame.  Don’t miss the steamy first installment in this hot new adult romance series. Secret Desires is an erotic journey that will draw you in and not let go!

Reader Praise for books in series: “Loved it, couldn’t put it down.”  | “These books were great. I enjoyed them so much I couldn’t stop reading them.” | “Brilliant.”

Amazon  AU  CA  UK  US  | iBooks AU  CA  UK  US  |  Nook  US  |  Googleplay:  Worldwide | Kobo  AU  CA  UK  US