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NS Finn web

Finn Whitmore is not to be outdone by his brothers as he takes Brooke Kaplan on a wild ride.

Don’t miss out on the final novel in the Nashville Seduction series!

Brooke Kaplan has never needed nor wanted a man, until Finn Whitmore came along. Finn can’t allow himself to fall for Brooke and looks to purge his desires with a bevvy of Nashville’s hottest and horniest women. Something has to give for Finn and Brooke. The only question is what?

Reader praise for the series: “Steamy and addictive.” “[I was] Pulled in.” “More Please.” “I just love reading these books.”

About Books in Box Set:

Nashville Seduction 9:
Brooke Kaplan has escaped her life as a high priced escort in Las Vegas and is starting a new life in Nashville. Finn Whitmore enjoyed seducing Brooke in Sin City and sets his sights on doing the same back home. An erotic encounter leaves them both breathless and wanting more.

Nashville Seduction 10:
Finn Whitmore can’t stop thinking about Brooke Kaplan — and he has tried. He continues to find pleasure with other women to keep from falling too hard and too deep for the sexy singer from Vegas. Brooke is finally living her dream as a backup singer for one of Country Music’s biggest stars. While she is certain about being a part of an upcoming concert tour, Brooke is doubting whether Finn can ever be the right man for her. But raw desire and attraction can be hard to ignore. So can jealousy. Will an erotic night of unbridled passion help Finn and Brooke find each other in a new way? Or is too late for them?

Nashville Seduction 11:
Finn can’t commit to Brooke and it doesn’t look like he’s even willing to try. All bets are off for the former Vegas call girl when she goes on tour with Celia Corley. A wild fling with the band’s drummer could turn out to be even more.

Nashville Seduction 12:
Finn is finally ready to commit, but Brooke is still hot and heavy with the drummer in Celia Corley’s band. At least that is how it appears. A confrontation between Finn and the drummer may shift the balance in Finn’s favor. But is it enough for Finn and Brooke to find their HEA?

Amazon:  AU  CA  UK  US  |  iBooks: AU  CA  UK  US  | Nook: US  | Google Play  |  Kobo