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Can passionate young love heal two fractured lives? . . .

Fractured, the hot New Adult Romance series from E.J. Adams and Amanda Meadows.

Amber Holloway has to make her own way in the world. Hunter Webb has had every advantage in life, but has an artist’s soul. When Hunter comes to Amber’s aid outside the art building of their college, an immediate attraction sparks a passionate new relationship. But their own personal struggles, and the malicious intentions of others threaten to destroy them. Fractured: Part 1 is a sexy, emotional, and gripping New Adult Romance novella that will pull you in and hold you tight.

Get this unforgettable steamy love story that you will be telling your friends about, and readers are praising:“WOW what a brilliant book.” | “Fascinating plot.” | “Must read.” | “Great start to a new series!”