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 Contains the complete Forbidden Passion series: Forbidden Passion (Parts 1-4)

A Sizzling and Emotional New Adult Romance from E.J. Adams!

Forbidden Passion Paperback webTwenty-five-year-old Matteo Rosetti is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. When he meets twenty-seven-year-old Amanda Evans there is an immediate attraction between the two. But Matteo is in a complex relationship with his manipulative girlfriend, Francesca Parisi. To make matters worse, Matteo and Francesca’s families assume they will marry each other.

Amanda and Matteo settle on becoming friends, but soon they discover there is real passion between them. It is unlike any passion either has experienced before, but Matteo’s relationship with Francesca, no matter how loveless, makes it a forbidden passion. Can Amanda and Matteo continue to deny how they feel?  Will this forbidden passion stand in the way of their true love?

 Reader praise: “[…] drawn to the characters from the first page.” | “I love this book.”  |  “Excellent book, a must have!”

Shop Now on  Amazon:  CA   UK   US  |  CreateSpace eStore: Global (save 15% at CreateSpace with code: 34YYRU9X)