After You Seduce Me Part 4

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The honeymoon is indeed over for Brandon and Ashley Mitchell. Can their young marriage survive?

As Brandon and Ashley returned from their honeymoon in Paris, they learned that Gina Arlotti had overdosed on unknown pills. As they await the outcome of Gina’s condition, Brandon and Ashley must reassure 10 year-old Antonio. Brandon must also contend with an undermining board of directors. Rumblings of their displeasure with the acquisition of Adele have intensified. It now looks like Brandon and his grandmother will have to fight off a hostile takeover attempt of Davenport Media. The personal and professional stresses are taking a toll on Brandon and Ashley’s young marriage. Can the alpha billionaire keep from losing everything? While their passion burns as hot as ever, is Brandon and Ashley’s love strong enough to endure? Will Brandon and Ashley get their happily ever after?

The emotional, sensual, and sexy final book in the After You Seduce Me series.