BP Box SetA Steamy and Emotional Thrill Ride that Will Leave You Breathless and Begging for More.

“Trust me. I know the type. He’s not a guy that you are ready to handle. In fact, he’s not a guy that you would ever be ready to handle . . .”   That was my best friend’s warning to me. She told me to stay away from Kyle Bennett. Easier said than done. Kyle’s steel blue eyes revealed both danger and allure. I knew he would be trouble, but I couldn’t resist him.

Kyle Bennett is the disturbingly sexy billionaire’s son who enjoys fast cars, fast women, and to party with alcohol and drugs. He has been hardened by a distant and demanding father, and an apathetic mother. He is exactly what sweet and smart Taylor Madison does not need in her life.

But after a chance meeting, Taylor fantasizes about the bad boy billionaire. She figures there is no harm in her fantasy. It will never be anything more than that. What she doesn’t realize is that Kyle is determined to find her again. He wants to show her the many ways to experience pleasure. For the two, there is no going back.

Reader Praise for the books in the series:

“Sizzling…Engaging from first to last page” | “Wow!!…I LOVE this book.” | “Fantastic read!” | “Kyle is the extremely hot bad boy…”

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